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ATG Mechanical Corp. was founded in 1970. We started operating in a small part of Queens, New York. We have grown almost exponentially in the last 52 years and cover multiple areas, including our beloved Brooklyn.

We deliver exceptional plumbing and heating services for homes, businesses, and commercial buildings like a professional plumbing business.

We have a team of highly qualified, friendly, and experienced licensed plumbers operating exclusively in the Brooklyn area. Check below the neighborhoods where we provide our services in Brooklyn.

Our Best Plumbers in Brooklyn for all our beloved Brooklyn Residents

We are offering emergency service for all our Brooklyn residents. Able to answer any call and be on site within 60 minutes, so there is no need for you to try to fix a burst pipe or seating in a potentially hazardous gas leak that could result in an accident. We love our community, we are proud of our plumbing services here, and we are honored to work with many local businesses and residents in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn plumbing repairs from a top plumbing company

Do you require plumbing, heating, or gas services for your Brooklyn residence or place of business? Your search might come to an end thanks to ATG Mechanical Corp.. As a Queens-based company, we provide services throughout New York City and its surrounding areas, including Brooklyn. We routinely go through these streets, so you can be sure that we are familiar with this area. With 2.5 million people, Brooklyn is the most populous borough in New York City. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the area and the locals’ concerns, we can provide timely and efficient services.

ATG Mechanical Corp. is your go-to local source for plumbing, heating, and gas services in Brooklyn.

Best Plumbers in Brooklyn NY - Bathroom remodeling in Brooklyn
Best Plumbers in Brooklyn NY - Bathroom remodeling in Brooklyn

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Municipal Building Brooklyn NY
Brooklyn Municipal Building

Useful information for Brooklyn residents

We gathered all the necessary information from the Brooklyn Department of Buildings and included it here for your convenience. All the information is accurate and updated regularly and accessible to all our visitors and building owners.
Should you have a question regarding the plumbing in your Brooklyn building, feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to give you our expert advice.

Brooklyn Borough Office

Brooklyn Department of Buildings (DOB)

210 Joralemon Street, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Borough Commissioner: Kazimir Vilenchik, P.E., (718) 802-3677

Deputy Borough Commissioners: Reda Shehata, R.A. and Frank Marchiano

Borough Director: (718) 802-3635

Certificate of Occupancy: (718) 802-3680

Customer Service: (718) 802-3675

Inspection Units

Construction Development: (718) 802-4035

Construction Enforcement: (718) 802-3685

Electrical Development: (718) 802-4342

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Neighborhoods we serve in Brooklyn:

We serve all the above neighborhoods and surrounding areas in Brooklyn.