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Queens is our hometown, and we work on many plumbing and heating projects here every year. Our clientele here in Queens County expands from homeowners to Delis, Restaurants, Cafes, multifamily homes, and many commercial and municipal buildings. ATG Mechanical Corp. has repaired countless heating and plumbing in Queens for the last five decades. It has a close and continuous relationship with its clients and treats them with exclusivity on every plumbing, heating, and gas service they need in Queens.

If you reside in Queens, a home of almost 2.2 million people, and need plumbing, gas, or heating services on your private home, business, or commercial building, look no further. ATG Mechanical Corp. has a team of professional and dedicated local and licensed plumbers that will work closely with you on your plumbing and heating repairs and upgrades. We are a reputable Queens Plumbing Company, and all our technicians are licensed and insured.

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ATG Mechanical Corp. is a company that has provided plumbing, heating, and gas services for 50+ years. We are based in the heart of Queens in Flushing, NY, and we are proud that we have served the community for so many decades. We will be here to help you for years to come. Our certified and licensed plumbers in queens will provide exceptional service promptly and at a logical price without compromising the quality.

Plumbers in Queens NY - AquaMotion AMRe-FVL SMART pumps installation
Plumbers in Queens NY - Photo: AquaMotion AMRe-FVL SMART pumps installation

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Useful information for Queens residents

We gathered all the necessary information from the Queens Department of Buildings and included it here for your convenience. All the information is accurate and updated regularly and accessible to all our visitors and building owners.
Should you have a question regarding the plumbing in your Queens house or business, feel free to contact us anytime. We will be happy to give you our expert advice.

Queens borough departments of buildings
Queens Borough Department of Buildings (DOB)

Queens Borough Office

Queens Borough New York City Department of Buildings (DOB)

120-55 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11424

Borough Commissioner: Reda Shehata, R.A. (Acting), (718) 286-7670

Deputy Borough Commissioner: Simon Lee, R.A.

Deputy Borough Commissioner: S. Ron Kunateerachadalai, R.A. (Acting)

Borough Director: Jamie Maule, (718) 286-7630

Certificate of Occupancy: (718) 286-7690

Customer Service: (718) 286-7620

Inspection Units

Construction Development: (718) 286-8360

Construction Enforcement: (718) 286-8380

Electrical Development: (718) 286-7650

House Connections: (718) 286-8330

Quality of Life: (718) 286-3445

Plumbing Development: (718) 286-8350

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We serve all the above neighborhoods and surrounding areas in Queens.