Backflow Prevention

Backflow Preventer valve Installation and Repair

Backflow Prevention Services

Many homes and commercial buildings in the 5 Boroughs have a backflow prevention valve installed.

These devices are designed to prevent mixing between contaminated water sources and the municipal clean water supply. Usually installed in areas where those pipes might cross-connect.

Backflow preventer valves are commonly used on properties that have large boilers, fire suppression systems, or irrigation systems, which tend to create an elevated risk of backflow. Backflow itself results from pressure differences, causing water to move in the wrong direction and contaminate the potable supply.

Common problems causing backflow prevention valves to fail

  • Faulty first check valve 
  • Faulty second check valve
  • Relief valve opening point is too high
  • Relief valve opening point is too low

It is particularly important to understand that in order to prevent backflow, you must have properly and professionally installed, maintained, and inspected backflow prevention device as part of your water system, every year. It may look difficult and overwhelming process, that is when ATG Mechanical comes to play. Our experienced crew will help and proactively repair any backflow prevention malfunctioning for your home or business.

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