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Natural gas is an inexpensive alternative to electricity. Many homeowners and businesses in the 5 Boroughs use gas-powered appliances such as stoves, water heaters, and laundry driers.
However, natural gas is a highly flammable fuel. Every homeowner must know how gas lines and shutoff valves work for their everyday safety. Our certified gas contractors can detect a gas leak, apply gas line repairs, and install new parts if necessary.

ATG Mechanical Corp. offers the best gas services & solutions. It not only fixes any gas line problems in your home or business but also helps you avoid a severe gas leak accident by paying attention to detail.

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Do you suspect a Gas Leak?

Corroded, pinched, and full of rust gas pipelines need immediate attention. Sometimes needs to be replaced, especially if the house is old; see Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx houses and buildings.

Natural gas does not have an odor, but municipal supplies add a smell to the gas for safety reasons. So, if you smell a distinct rotten egg scent in your house or office, you likely have a gas leak. Trace the smell to ensure it comes from a gas line-connected appliance such as a water heater or stove.

Only some gas leaks are that noticeable, though. However, if you suspect a gas leak leave the area immediately. Keep in mind to shut off any appliances or electronics, including your mobile phone, and stay away from sparks such as lighter or matches.

When you contact ATG Mechanical Corp. for a gas leak, we will examine the area thoroughly and look for any loose or cracked gas line connections. We will inform you if the gas lines need a repair or an immediate replacement if the line is too damaged to be safe.

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