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General Plumbing

From your home's new water heater installation
to your business plumbing, burst pipes repair

Residential and Commercial
General Plumbing Services

General plumbing problems such as flooding or clogged drains create a nightmare overnight. That can happen when plumbing leaks develop over time, left unattended.

ATG Mechanical Corp. offers first-rate work and customer service. We fix any general plumbing problem, and we keep your home’s plumbing system, trouble-free. We also specialize in wall hung boilers.

Tankless water heater Installation | Before Tankless water heater Installation | After

Tankless water heater Installation

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How to detect an Underground leaking plumping pipe?

Plumbing pipes can surface in the form of gray and black water flooding signs, along with unpleasant smells. Stagnant water in your home’s pipes can freeze during the winter, causing the pipes to expand and burst. Soil shifts and erosion can wear down your home’s underground pipes and cause them to collapse, creating leaks and flooding.
Backed up or slow-draining sinks and toilets also indicate problems in your home’s plumbing.

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With 50 years of experience in the industry, we stand behind every job and work our best to give our clients peace of mind after we finish the project.

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We at ATG Mechanical Corp, set ourselves apart from other plumbing & heating contractors in Queens NY because we offer very competitive prices and high-quality products.

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From commercial plumbing and heating repair to residential kitchen faucet replacement we are your one-stop plumbing & heating company in Flushing NY

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With our trucks fully loaded with the nessesary parts and tools for every job our clients can get back to their important routine in no time.